Kiran-Adrienne (sunshinesounds) wrote in welovecarrie,

Flat Carrie!

Me and </a></b></a>threebeats thought it would be kind of cool to do this. I will be creating a paper version of Carrie. Hence, Flat Carrie. She will be set up with a scrapbook. If you get her, you will get her for approximentally two weeks, during which time, you can take pictures of her in weird places around your hometown.  In the scrapbook, you can enclose said photos. The other thing we thought of is if people wrote a little thing about how S-K[or anything else Carrie has been involved with] has affected their lives. because, after a while, we will send said scrapbook to Subpop, who will [hopefully] forward it to Carrie Brownstein herself. After the two weeks is up, you mail it to the next person on the list, until we've gone through everyone. Everyone who wants to,anyway.

If you are interested, email me with your address. [I know that I personally don't like putting my own address on the internet, so I wasn't about to ask anyone else to do it either.] I just think that this would be a pretty cool little thing to do. :)

My email You can AIM me if you want, but I'm organizing everything through my gmail, and would really,really appreciate it if you contacted me there.



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