oh sweet nuthin' (indigo786) wrote in welovecarrie,
oh sweet nuthin'

i met carrie today!

i live in portland, or and was selling some books today at powell's on hawthorne. i saw a woman that looked a lot like carrie, but she was short and really tiny so i thought it wasn't her. i was looking at books near the registers when i heard her say to the cashier, "yeah, the show was great. a really good send-off." at that point i had to say something so i went up to her and introduced myself. i told her how much i loved their last show and what a huge fan i was. she smiled sweetly and said thanks. i wanted to talk to her longer but she looked like she was in a bit of a hurry. she paid for her things and said a polite goodbye to me and the cashier. she was very approachable and sweet. eep! now my crush on her is 348324 times bigger.

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