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shopping and getting smoothies in downtown ATL with carrie

just randomly found this place
i thought i would share my "meeting carrie" story

a few years ago - i was with my ex g/f and i spotted her shopping in downtown atlanta (i recognized her profile through the crowd) we stalked her down. she seemed rather uptight but thats understandable i guess, rabid fans & all-and her pores seriously needed help but overall we had a nice visit with her. she seemed somewhat amused that my name is "megan" and my (then)girlfriend's name is meghan. the megans. she hung out and talked to us for a while. we even went for smoothies,actually she was wering red lippy and a cute little brown jacket
i really think her face is one of the cutest ever. meghan was such a spaz that day.
we took pictures with her but they are with my ex g/f.
i'd let her be my joey ramone.
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